1, How do i confirm my order?
 Once you place an order, you will receive an order confirmation message detailing what you purchased, the price and the delivery method. You will also resend the details of your records by email. This e-mail does not indicate that your order has been or has started processing or confirming the purchase contract.
 Once we process your order, you will receive a second e-mail from us, detailing your purchase and confirming that your order has been processed and informing you of your tracking number. By clicking on the tracking reference link, you will be taken to the courier website where you can see the progress of the delivery.
2, Can i keep track of my order?
 You can use a unique tracking reference number to track the progress of an order. You can find your number in order history.
 Or, you can find the only tracking reference number in the email or Alitogether we receive. You will also find a link to the corresponding section of the courier website.    Courier will try to re-deliver up to 3 times, if the third attempt after delivery is not successful, they will return the goods, we will refund. So I hope you keep the message smooth.
3, What if my order contains personalized goods?
 Personalized goods can not be returned for health reasons. We can not guarantee the delivery time of personalized items, we will try to send you orders on time.
4, How long does it take to deliver?
 Standard Shipping: The order will leave our warehouse within 2 business days and will take about 5-12 days to reach your home.
5, My order has not arrived, how can I do?
 If your order has not yet been reached, the first step will check the tracking details of the order. If your delivery date does not appear to meet your expected delivery date, please let us know and we will contact the shipping company for further investigation.
6, How to calculate my freight?
 We try to make your shopping happy, so we have free shipping for all your orders.